The True Elegance Podcast

Live Life on Fire ~ with Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell

July 05, 2023 Dr. Bunmi Akinkugbe (Dr. B) Episode 15
The True Elegance Podcast
Live Life on Fire ~ with Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell
Show Notes

I had the pleasure of hosting the Amazing Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell on this week's episode of the True Elegance Podcast.

Lynita realized that although successful, her accolades and achievements did not create lasting happiness. There had to be something more. 
She felt the call to create that something more, and she did just that. She filled the void which created a bridge that led to the "more".  It brought her sustainable peace, joy and fulfillment in her life.  And in this space of generosity she knew she had to share this with others:  the “5 Step Formula to the Ultimate Successful Life with Peace, Joy, and Fulfillment” which can be found in her book "Live Life on Fire".

“The #GreatResignation has made it clear that people want more out of life than to ‘...just be happy’.  They want to be fulfilled, and have peace and joy.  Joy comes from within, and that is the foundation of the Ultimate Successful Life.”  

Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell is the Intuitive Business Coach™ who leads her clients to Live Life on FIRE for the Ultimate Successful Life with peace, joy, and fulfillment! 

Lynita has built an award winning law firm and publishing house, is a #1 Bestselling Author, CPA, an ordained Minister, and recognized nationally as an outstanding community leader.

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